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About Juergen Specht

This web site showcases the personal work of Juergen Specht and his lifelong passion about photography, women and light.

Juergen writes: "Women are beautiful and light is fascinating. I use the beauty of a woman to play with light, allowing her natural form to create an installation that is less about the erotic than about the expression of my visual thinking. This expression is the consuming passion of my life.

Ideas come to me, demanding realization. They take up space in my mind, growing larger and larger until there is nothing I can do but get them out of my mind into photographs, freeing me up to move on. The process of realization is like a temporary obsession, and the shooting is like falling in love over and over, albeit temporarily. Sometimes the moments are so beautiful, I just cannot stop taking pictures.

Naturally, as every beauty is unique I also choose not to repeat the shots, keeping me in a state of permanent excitement about what is to come, and completely present in the gorgeous detail of the dancing light."

Juergen participated so far in the following exhibitions in Japan and Germany:

  • Group Exhibition "Photo One Night" at Uplink, Tokyo, Japan (2010)
  • Solo Exhibition "私の目を喜ばせるもの [Those Which Make My Eyes Rejoice]" at Place M, Tokyo, Japan (2009)
  • Group Exhibition "Leben im Karton" at Städtische Galerie Villa Zanders Bergisch Gladbach, Germany (2008/2009)
  • Group Exhibition at The Gate, Tokyo, Japan (2006)
  • Solo Exhibition "Marihana" in Cafe & Bar BLOO MOON, Tokyo, Japan (2005)
  • Solo Exhibition "Exposure" in Club Gallery Pipers, Tokyo, Japan (2005)
  • Solo Exhibition "Zero" in O-175, Berlin, Germany (1999)
Juergen Specht - Photographs

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